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Pigmentation refers to the coloring of the skin. Skin pigmentation disorders cause changes to the color of your skin. Melanin is made by cells in the skin and is the pigment responsible for your skin's color. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that causes your skin to darken.

NO one likes to have pigmented spots

on the face or body whether its Melasma

or Solar lentigines, freckles or moles

Here we offer different range of treatments with large range

of laser and IPL treatments as well as medical degree chemical peels and LED light.

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Actinic or solar keratosis is considered

to be pre-cancerous lesions that can develop into SCC (squamas carcinoma cancer at any time).


These lesions have to be addressed sooner than later.

Here we offer Medical degree chemical peels and laser therapy

to manage them before they become life threatening.

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MD, FRACGP, Dip. Dermoscopy, Dip. Skin Cancer Surgery

SCI - Associate Fellow Skin Cancer Institute

Advanced Cert. Cosmetic Medicine

Advanced Cert Aptos Threads Lift


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