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About Us


Finding Inspiration

in Aqua Marine Medical Centre and Skin Clinic


Aqua Marina Medical Centre & Skin Clinic stands as a top-tier facility, dedicated to Skin Mapping and leading-edge treatments for skin cancer, featuring advanced early detection techniques and expert skin cancer surgery.

Our Story


Our journey with Aqua Marine Medical Centre & Skin Clinic began when Dr. Marina found herself working in rural Victoria, separated from her husband for nearly 18 months. Upon relocating to Maryborough in Queensland, Dr. Marina continued her GP work for three years, diligently pursuing further exams and studies until she achieved Fellowship status.

This significant milestone prompted her husband, Gotthard, to make the decision to sell his own business in order to actively contribute to the planning and management of Aqua Marine Medical Centre & Skin Clinic. What started as a modest endeavor in our garage, filled with files, papers, and ideas, gradually evolved into our thriving clinic in Redland Bay, Queensland. Today, Dr. Marina and Dr. Rad proudly care for our dedicated patient community.

Meet The Team

Dr. Marina Rotert


MD, FRACGP, Dip. Dermoscopy, Dip. Skin Cancer Surgery

SCI - Associate Fellow Skin Cancer Institute

Advanced Cert. Cosmetic Medicine

Advanced Cert Aptos Threads Lift

Dr Marina was born in Balakovo, a city in southern Russia, nestled alongside the Volga River. This is not far from Stalingrad, now known as Volgograd.

Her parents, both dedicated medical doctors, led lives of unwavering commitment and tireless service. As they saved others' lives. Dr Marina and her little sister often missed their presence dearly.

Dr Marina's mother, in particular, was a shining example of selflessness. Her days often stretched into nights, with ten to twelve hour shifts at the hospital. She put others' needs above her own, offering medical assistance even when the call came in the darkest hours.

In her town, she was not just a doctor but a beloved figure, known and cherished by most of its residents.

Sadly, Dr Marina's mother was taken from her family in a devastating car accident when Dr Marina was just 12 years old.

In the wake of this heart-wrenching loss, Dr Marina was forced to mature rapidly, shouldering the responsibility of raising her younger sister. She discovered her own calling during this challenging time, a path that would lead her into a career in medicine like her parents.




Master Degree Skin Cancer

(UQ Skin Cancer)

Sclerotherapy /Varicose Veins treatments

Dr. Rad hails from Iran and received his medical degree from the renowned Qazvin University of Medical Science in 2008, where he also met his future wife. In 2013, he and his wife relocated to Australia, where Dr. Rad began his career as a General Practitioner in Mackay, Queensland. He developed a special interest in Skin Cancer and Varicose Vein Sclerotherapy.

In 2018, Dr. Rad achieved the highest qualification as a General Practitioner, earning Fellowship status with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners on his first attempt. His pursuit of excellence continued with postgraduate training, culminating in the award of a Master of Medicine degree in Skin Cancer from the University of Queensland in 2019.

During his skin cancer master training, Dr. Rad earned the Dean's commendation for academic excellence, a testament to his diagnostic precision. He has one of the lowest "number needed to be treated" for skin cancer among his peers, highlighting his expertise in skin cancer diagnosis. Dr. Rad is also highly experienced in the surgical management of complex head and neck skin cancers. His passion for Varicose Vein Sclerotherapy dates back to 2014, and he currently participates in a training program with the Australian College of Phlebology.

Outside of his medical career, Dr. Rad enjoys fishing, photography, and cherishing moments with his family.



Captain/Master Class 1/Managing Director

Gotthard's journey began in the coastal town of Oldenburg, nestled between Hamburg and Bremen, in Germany. As a child, he harbored dreams of becoming a Captain on large ships. At the age of 22, after three years of university, he fulfilled this dream by earning a Master Class 1 License without limitations. His career at sea led him from the role of a 3rd officer to a second officer, Chief Officer, and eventually the command of a bulk carrier that traversed the globe. While achieving his maritime dream, Gotthard began to seek new challenges.

His path led him to West Africa, specifically Nigeria, where he assumed the role of an operations manager for a pipeline company. Life in Nigeria presented unique challenges and experiences. After over 5 years, he transitioned to one of the largest freight forwarding companies, overseeing offshore operations involving oil rigs, supply vessels, and other marine activities. Nearly 13 years later, he returned to Australia.

Gotthard has two grown daughters from his first marriage and married his second wife, Marina, in 2007. Together, they have three beautiful daughters. During his initial years back in Australia, Gotthard ventured into the world of real estate, eventually establishing his own real estate business, which he later sold to another real estate company after a successful decade in 2016. This transition paved the way for a new venture.

The transformation of his double garage into an office marked the beginning of the journey to establish Aqua Marine Medical Centre & Skin Clinic in Redland Bay, which officially opened its doors on November 6, 2017.

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