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Fees and cancellation policy

We are a privately billing clinic with discounted fees for 65+ Years of age Pension card holders .

Please, speak with the reception regarding discounted

fees prior booking.

DVA patients are all bulk billed.

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Standard consult - $110.00 Medicare rebate $41.20

Long consult- $154.00 -$180.00 Medicare rebate   $79.70

Prolonged consult - $224 Medicare rebate  $117.40

Please, be aware the fees are all time based and complexity of the case

and are available on request from the reception.

Fees might differ depending on time spent and complexity of each individual case as well as if additional services were applied like ECG, Spirometry, Cryotherapy, etc

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Total Body scan ( full body skin check with a mole mapping)

    $274.00 with a rebate of $79.70

Skin spot check with hand held dermatoscope

(only a few moles/spots)

from $150.00 with a rebate of $41.20

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Surgical procedures are all privately billed

and time based that include Procedural fee

and treatment room fee.

Time of booking depends on complexity of the surgery that might involve wound closure

with a flap or a graft.

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All Cosmetic procedures, sclerotherapy for varicose veins, Scarless mole removal for benign moles

and seborrheic keratosis or skin tags

are privately billed and require an appointment

with a Doctor prior to be able

to book the correct time and be quoted accordingly.

Cancellation notice for any appointment is at least 2 hours prior to consultation.

Cancellation for All cosmetic procedures is 24 hours.

The cancellation fee for not attended appointment must be paid

in full if no required time provided.

For all cosmetic appointments a deposit of a minimum of  $100.00 is necessary to

enable us to book, when treatment does commence, deposit is deducted from  total costs. 


Message Sent, thank you!

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