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Best Medical Center
General Practitioner

Title: World Class Medical Care is Well Within Your Reach

Everyone deserves to have world class medical care when they need it most. That’s what you can expect from Aqua Marine Medical Centre & Skin Clinic. We make your care a priority by providing comprehensive general practitioner services suited to your individual needs. Our center maintains a skilled staff of male and female doctors of diverse medical specialties to meet your healthcare needs. Our attention to detail, personalized care and dedication to our local community makes us the best medical center for children, teens and adults in the Queensland area.

Services We Provide

Our center offers a myriad of general practitioner services to meet the healthcare needs of your family. These services range from medical checkups, tests and screenings to diagnosis of health issues, management of acute and chronic conditions, prescription medication, surgical treatments and referrals to specialists, when needed. We focus on children’s health, male and female health, the care of pregnant women, mental health and care for the elderly. We also offer work comp procedures and DVA patient services to those in need.

Our Commitment to You

World class care entails putting the health and welfare of our patients first and that’s our commitment to you. We understand the fear and anxiety you face when being diagnosed with health issues. By taking time to answer your questions, explain medical procedures and keep you informed about your condition, our medical staff help put your mind at ease. Whether you come to our center for a routine checkup or a surgical procedure, you can expect to be treated with empathy and respect. Through direct, honest communications, we’ll help you establish a good rapport with your medical team so you can have confidence in the care you receive. These factors and more make Aqua Marine Medical Centre the best medical center for you and your family.

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